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With a passion for sustainable technology, we create cutting-edge software solutions that empower intelligent management of water and energy resources, driving positive environmental impact and fostering a greener future.


Who we are?

Vodéna is an innovative company which focuses on R&D activities with its primary interest in software development for physical and data-driven modeling as well as simulations of both natural and social phenomena. Our enterprise was established as a spin-off from the Faculty of Science, University of Kragujevac. Academic background enabled us to combine scientific and educational expertise, research methodology and software development strategies in order to ensure our solutions are usable, efficient and accurate.

Our Solutions

Transforming water and energy management through innovative software solutions.


Smarticity is a comprehensive energy management tool that completely automates finding an optimal pattern in energy consumption and production in the case of facilities with renewable energy sources and energy storage capabilities.

Based on the data acquired during the microgrid exploitation, Smarticity automatically creates the most adequate predictive models of internal energy production and consumption, which enables the simulation of the data chain for any hypothetical operation plan. The results obtained from the simulations, along with all other grid features and external factors, are subjected to an optimization process in order to find the energy management pattern that will result in the most economical usage of electricity under given conditions.


Blackfox is a “set and forget” solution for automated and continuous creation, monitoring, and self–improvement of data–driven predictive models. It enables you to effortlessly integrate AI into your business without worrying about scarce talent or expensive infrastructure.
Blackfox consists of two modules:
Foxbrain AutoML module generates optimal ML models through an evolutionary process. Foxtail MLOps module automates production, management, and deployment of predictive models on an industrial scale.

Hydropower production optimization

Our software solutions for the optimization of hydropower production help decision makers to fully utilize the existing hydropower systems and their hydropower potential.

Based on the data collected from a powerplant monitoring system, hydrological forecast, and the expected energy prices, our solution optimizes power production under the given physical, ecological, and legal constraints.


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What do people say about us

"Vodena, with their cutting-edge software solutions for managing and optimizing renewable energy sources, is an indispensable partner in the enhancement of our solar power plants management.”

Zoran Bojović

Director, Noleko doo

“Vodena is our key partner in implementing software solutions for managing water resources and energy facilities in South-East Europe.”

Nikola Milivojević

Director, Jaroslav Černi
Water Institute

“We are developing Continual Learning pipeline and we are using Blackfox as our core Auto ML component.“

Miha Rothl

Vodafone Ireland

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